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To establish high quality, appropriate and affordable rehabilitation services to PDWs

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Assosiasaun Hiit Ema Raes Timor Loro Sae

Por: Assert Timor Leste | Publicado: 07/07/2010 08:05 |

ASSERT is a registered NGO in Timor Leste and was established in 2003 by The Cambodia Trust (a UK Based Charity founded on 1989) following a two year consultation process between The Cambodia Trust and the Timorese Government.


The main aim of ASSERT is to provide high quality rehabilitation services for people with physical disabilities in Timor Leste through the provision of prosthetics, orthotics, disability aids such as wheelchairs and to enable and empower them to achieve equal access to mainstream health, education, training and employment.  


ASSERT operates out of the Timor Loro Sae centre for Physical Rehabilitation, Becora, Dili which was the first rehabilitation centre for persons with disabilities established in Timor Leste.  The centre also provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a workshop for the production of prosthetics and orthotics, a wheelchair service which has the capacity to cater for extensive modifications to suit individual wheelchair requirements.

 ASSERT tried to provide to all the country being the only physical rehabilitation center but its limited by a lot of factor including human resource, local and affordable material, local resources, funding and political will to sustain the programs and support the disability sector in providing equal opportunities to all people including people with disabilities.

Since 2010, ASSERT continue to expand and improve its capacity to provide physical rehabilitation services in the country through an increase in human resource capacity 2 physical therapists (PT) and 2 occupational therapy (both training were sponsored by the Charitable Foundation - TCF) to work alongside the only Category II CPO in the country. In order to expand ASSERTs service to the countryside, increasing awareness and developing more partnership with the community and other development organizations through the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program (An European Commission' fund through CBM).